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Anshuman Bapna: Hustling to get acquired

We chat with Anshuman Bapna about how his startup Mygola was acquired by MakeMyTrip, and look under the hood of how Mygola decided to sell, approached acquirers, and kept investors and the team together.

Prateek Sharma: Building Duta, the largest social app you have never heard of

Prateek Sharma is the VP of Product at Duta, a social app focused on the next billion users. Starting with search and content distribution, Duta is defining what the Internet means to these users.

Abhinav Asthana: Building best of breed developer tools at Postman

Abhinav Asthana is the founder and CEO of Postman, the world's most popular API development tool. He shares insights on finding the right early users, the SaaS opportunity in India, and leading distributed teams.

Prashant Tandon: Solving trust and access in the Indian healthcare ecosystem

Prashant Tandon is the co-founder and CEO of 1mg, the largest healthcare app in India. He's a veteran in the space, and shares his insights on healthcare in India.

Tapan Pandita: The Indian fin-tech landscape digest

Tapan Pandita is the Chief Architect at ICICI's Innovation Labs, and takes a deep dive into the Indian fin-tech opportunity space.

Zishaan Hayath: The secret sauce of product management at Toppr

Zishaan Hayath reveals the secret sauce behind product management at Toppr, and how they achieve best-in-class retention metrics.

Ankit Nagori: Building for customer experience at Cure.Fit

Ankit Nagori is the co-founder at Cure.Fit, where they are building an expansive health and fitness company that is focused on customer experience.

Shrey Gupta: Achieving product-market fit for Oyo's supply-side

Shrey shares his learnings in pitching to, transforming, and onboarding properties on OYO Rooms – and then scaling this across the country.

Swetabh Pathak: Consulting services to SaaS product at Elucidata

Swetabh shares his learnings as his company Elucidata transitions from consulting services to a SaaS product.

Sanjeev Rao: Scaling Swiggy 10x

Sanjeev shares his learnings from leading HR at Swiggy and growing the team from 70 to 800 people.

Deepit Purkayastha: Product learnings from Inshorts

Deepit walks us through product milestones and decisions that made Inshorts successful.


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