Anshuman Bapna: Hustling to get acquired

We chat with Anshuman Bapna about how his startup Mygola was acquired by MakeMyTrip, and look under the hood of how Mygola decided to sell, approached acquirers, and kept investors and the team together.

In this episode we share a story that is rarely told: of how startup acquisitions look like under the hood. It is said that "startups are bought, and not sold", but that is an incomplete truth. Great teams often build great products that are not great businesses, and getting a soft exit in such situations is crucial to not just the team, but also to the success of the overall startup ecosystem.

We chat with Anshuman Bapna, who was most recently the Chief Product Officer at MakeMyTrip/Goibibo. Before this, he co-founded Mygola, which was acquired by MakeMyTrip. We chat about how they struggled finding a business model, and decided to sell the company. It sounds easier said that done because managing the team and investor relations when the ship is sinking is a real test of leadership, and Anshuman shares how he managed to do that.

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